Managed Services

Today your business is highly dependent on information technology (IT). Time and money costs are unavoidable when IT goes down.

One solution is the old model of break / fix: wait for something to break then call IT support. This results in hours of lost productivity.

Why not be proactive instead of reactive? A new model of managed services identifies and fixes problems before something breaks.

Our managed services result in:

  • Predictable billing for IT costs
  • Reduction in hardware / software expenses
  • Secured, patched, monitored and compliant IT devices
  • Peace of mind

Our managed services include:

  • Auditing – IT audits provide valuable information to support budget decisions for upgrades, replacements and technical support.
  • Remote Support – This is less expensive than site visits. Our remote support is fully secure and encrypted.
  • Monitoring – Monitoring is crucial to cost savings because it identifies problems early on during the easy solution phase. Alerts can be configured to trigger emails or support tickets.
  • Device Management – This includes the deployment of Windows updates and patches.
  • Reporting – Reports reduce troubleshooting labor. They include detailed reviews of system updates and vulnerabilities.

Managed services may not completely eliminate down time. It will make downtime less frequent and of shorter duration.

Aside from time savings, managed services save money because problems are solved earlier when their solutions are cheaper and before they grow to cause downtime.

Please contact us for more details about our managed services options.